Contracts worth 35.28 billion yuan signed at just-concluded 2018 Big Data Expo! These figures are prominent

作者/来源:  Guizhou Daily    责任编辑: 周原 时间: 2018年06月01日

The 2018 China International Big Data Industry Expo was concluded on May 29. The information on the 2018 Big Data Expo was reported at the press conference held on the morning of May 29.

In this year’s Big Data Expo, many figures are worthy of highlighting:

The Big Data Expo held the opening and closing ceremonies, 8 high-end dialogues, 65 professional forums, 40 events for announcements of results, 81 investment promotion events, 278 business inspections, and so on. The business promotion event involves 199 projects, with an amount of 35.28 billion yuan. The expo saw upwards of 120,000 visitors, and 388 participating enterprises and institutions at home and abroad, with an exhibition space of 60,000 square meters.

Spectacular themed events that were held simultaneously include AI Global Contest, “Journey of Big Data Expo” and “Digital Valley Night”. The innovation results including 51 pieces of black technology, 100 big data scenarios, and top ten big data applications were launched.

The 2018 China E-Commerce Innovation and Development Summit, which was held concurrently, hosted the CEO salon, the main forum, 8 sub-forums, and the annual grand ceremony under the theme of “New e-commerce leads new integration, and new era drives new development”. It released the 2017 China E-Commerce Development Index Report, selected ten awards such as the Intelligent Business Technology Model of the Year, Transformation Enterprise of the Year, and Up-and-Coming Figure of the Year; reached the Guiyang consensus for the summit and became the annual event in the e-commerce field.

2018 Big Data Expo has 11 special highlights

First, the congratulatory letter from General Secretary Xi Jinping sparks an enthusiastic response

This year’s Big Data Expo is China’s first international big data industry expo in the new era. General Secretary Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter for the opening of this Big Data Expo, and made clear the requirements for the implementation of the national strategy on big data. It fully reflects the Party Central Committee’s attention to Big Data Expo, and its kind care and deep love for Guizhou.

The letter of congratulation from the General Secretary met with an enthusiastic response from the Chinese and foreign big data industries, guests, society, and the whole province. The mainstream media at home and abroad republished the letter. It was expressed that the letter of congratulation was a concrete manifestation of Xi Jinping’s strategic thinking on building a strong cyberpower. It provides China’s wisdom, China’s practice, and China’s program for promoting the development and application of information technology, dealing with Internet information security and governance, and fully implementing the national strategy on big data. The congratulatory letter gave us great encouragement, and would drive us to continue to host the Big Data Expo.

Second, record number of participation

This Big Data Expo witnessed over 120,000 visitors and 230,000 visits, setting a record high.

It saws 53,000 guests and representatives, an increase of 35,000 over the previous year; 29 countries participated in the expo, an increase of 8 over the previous year; 536 foreign guests attended the expo, up by 22 from last year; 225 heads of well-known domestic enterprises participated in the expo, an increase of 64 over the previous year; 170 heads of well-known foreign companies were present, an increase of 18 over the previous year; 23 academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering took part in the expo, an increase of 5 over the previous year; and 57 renowned international experts and heads of well-known foreign universities attended the expo, an increase of 22 over the previous year.

Third, the high level of guests

This Big Data Expo has attracted the elites and leaders in government, business, university, and media worldwide. Present at the various events and activities of the expo were foreign dignitaries, and government officials including Prince Andrew, Duke of York; diplomatic envoys of the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, South Korea, Singapore, India, etc.; heads of well-known domestic enterprises, executives of internationally renowned enterprises, academicians both at home and abroad, and heads of well-known domestic universities and research institutes; experts and scholars; well-known international experts including international futurologist and economist Don Tapscott; heads of well-known foreign universities, and heads of well-known industry associations and research institutions at home and abroad.

Industry gurus and elites have shared their new ideas and new insights at the high-end dialogues and professional forum, presenting a wonderful feast of ideas.

Fourth, better brand visibility of the Big Data Expo 

Focusing on new ideas, new thoughts, new technologies, new products, new models, and new applications on big data, this Big Data Expo planned and launched the “Big Data Expo Release” featured brand and held more than 40 events for the release of results. It globally solicited more than 500 achievements in leading science and technology, and rigorously selected and issued 51 pieces of leading scientific and technological achievements including 11 pieces of black technologies, 10 new technologies, 20 new products, and 10 new business models concerning big data and related industries, which was highly praised by experts, scholars and visitors.

Fifth, high-end and cutting-edge technologies exhibited at the expo

This Big Data Expo focuses on data, intelligence, and integration. In accordance with the requirements of “Every pavilion has a theme and highlights”, more attention is paid to the innovation of big data industry and the display of cutting-edge technologies. Over 1000 new products and technologies and solutions are exhibited. 

Sixth, highlights of professional forums

This Big Data Expo’s forums focused on the latest technological innovations and achievements in big data, discussed the achievements and problems in deep integration of big data and various industries, and explored the changes in the era of big data development. It has attracted 661 domestic and foreign guests to share their thoughts. In particular, eight high-end dialogues such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, blockchain, data security, “big data + big health”, industrial Internet, targeted poverty alleviation, and digital economy have become the focus among the guests.

The leaders of Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent delivered excellent speeches at the high-end dialogues. These are great eye-catching events at the Big Data Expo.

A host of new ideas, new thoughts, and new views give rise to outstanding results and consensus. In the discussion and exchange, the “golden key” to the “road of building big data industry ecosystem, and the road of deep integration of big data and real industry” was found.

Seventh, obvious trend of group exhibitors

This Big Data Expo saw 388 enterprises, an increase of 72 over last year; 129 international exhibitors, an increase of 62 over last year. Of these, 18 are Fortune Global 500 enterprises. There were 145 foreign SMEs and micro start-ups at this expo, nearly three times that of last year. The international exhibition area reached 10,455 square meters, accounting for 48.1% of the total exhibition space.

A large number of well-known domestic and foreign companies have participated in the Big Data Expo, including Facebook, Google, Japan NTTdata, and Germany Bosch that made their debut at the expo.

Eighth, more mature market operation

This Big Data Expo insists on market-oriented operation, and has reached cooperation with 21 companies in business promotion. Through market-oriented operation and market-based sponsorship, it introduces various types of socialized funds, resources, and materials. The degree of market-oriented operation has increased by 20% over the previous year.

At the same time, the Big Data Expo has driven the service industry in cities (prefectures), especially Guiyang. According to statistics, during the Big Data Expo, the hotel industry in Guiyang achieved revenue of 54 million yuan, up by 20%, and the hotel occupancy rate in the city exceeded 95%; the catering industry realized an operating income of 105 million yuan, an increase of 12.3%; it received 4.1 million tourist visits, up by 20%, and the comprehensive tourism income reached 2.2 billion yuan, an increase of 21%.

Ninth, comprehensive display of intelligent features

The expo fully demonstrates the cutting-edge technologies of big data, and planned and choreographed various experiential and interactive scenarios such as VR, AR technology, artificial intelligence, and self-driving vehicles. The artificial intelligence global contest attracted upwards of 1,000 teams from 15 countries and regions around the world. The participating events covered 13 practical applications including smart city, smart medical care, and smart finance. The artificial intelligence open innovation platform displays 62 high-quality AI projects. A number of technical, cutting-edge, and innovative projects such as “smart customer service in the AI era”, “data visualization solutions”, “low-power terminal AI chips, and “language understanding conversation interaction technologies” have attracted worldwide attention and led the trend of global artificial intelligence technology innovation.

The 2018 Big Data Expo “Move It” self-driving global challenge contest which was held simultaneously attracted over 100 top engineers from all over the world. 30 engineers from 10 countries were sent to compete in Guiyang.

In particular, the expo planned the journey of observation of the results of big data practice. combined with the development of Guizhou Big Data Comprehensive Experimental Area, the expo carefully selected 33 big data practice sites and 9 observation routes for guests, showcasing the sound development of China’s Big Data Valley, Guizhou-Cloud Big Data, and the cool Guiyang, and the sound ecosystem for “popular innovation and entrepreneurship”.

Tenth, launch the exploration of “big data + culture”

 “Digital Valley Night” event was held for eight days, starting from May 22. Combining intangible cultural heritage and popular music, it enables the audience to experience a different cultural charm in the fusion of technology and culture. It enables visitors to see the “Light of the Digital Valley”, hear the “Sound of The Voice of the Digital Valley”, and experience “Space of the Digital Valley”, and share the “Digital Valley Culture”, creating a good atmosphere of business communication for the guests. The Guizhou self-confidence in ethnic culture under the big data can be perceived.

Eleventh, unprecedented international communication

The wonderful and rich events of the expo have attracted wide attention and sparked discussion in society worldwide. During the conference, a total of 1,639 reporters from 193 media companies participated in the grand conference, setting a new record.

301 media friends come from 17 central media entities, including People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, and Central Radio and TV Station; 47 media friends from 29 foreign media entities, including Associated Press, AFP, Kyodo News, and Wall Street Journal; and 27 media friends from 13 media entities in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, including Phoenix Satellite Television and Hong Kong Commercial Daily.

The major breakthrough in communication this year is the strategic cooperation with CCTV Finance Channel. CCTV Finance Channel sent a 60-strong member team to set up the reporting headquarters in Guiyang and launched the “Focus on Big Data Expo” column to comprehensively report on the expo.

The 2018 Big Data Expo-related reports were published concurrently in 3 languages in 13 countries and regions. The number of reports by foreign media totals 263.

The promotional video of Big Data Expo is broadcast on Nasdaq Big Screen in Times Square, New York. Overseas social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook pushed over 100 pieces of information on 2018 Big Data Expo. The expo has achieved full coverage.

The domestic traditional media including “People’s Daily”, “Guangming Daily”, “Economic Daily”, “China Daily” issued 62 reports on Big Data Expo. Major news websites such as,,, and as well as key commercial websites including Tencent, Sina, and Netease published a total of over 89,000 reports, with 3.8 billion online views.

On the front of social media, Weibo gave the most prominent display position to the opening of Big Data Expo. the number of posts on 2018 Big Data Expo topics total 2900, with over 374,000 comments, and over 340 million views; WeChat Big Data Expo promotional video, quotes of guests, and black technology of the exhibition and others have been republished a lot.

Four new words coined for the 2018 Big Data Expo

In presiding over the press conference, Xu Hao, a member of the standing committee of Guiyang Municipal Party Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor, coined four new terms for this Big Data Expo:

1. “Big Data Expo Trend”

The related topics, contents, figures and achievements of Big Data Expo are trending on different media platforms.

2. “Big Data Expo Splendid”

This Big Data Expo is splendid in terms of the environment and atmosphere.

3. “Big Data Expo Fame”

Enterprises and guests gained a lot of attentions during the Big Data Expo thanks to the media reports.

4. “Big Data Expo Pale”

It refers to the two groups of exhausted people: the journalists and the staff supporting this Big Data Expo. They all look pale after days of hard work.


However, it won’t take long till the “Big Data Expo Pale” turn back to the “Big Data Expo Energetic”.

Farewell to Big Data Expo 2018,

Let’s reunite in Guiyang about this time next year!

See you next year!